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These are some of the websites I built; click on a screendump to visit the site.

Dit zijn enkele van de websites die ik gemaakt heb. Uitleg bij de websites is vooralsnog alleen in het Engels te verkrijgen.

Meldpunt Taal

This website allows visitors to provide observations about the Dutch language.


A popular electronic newsletter for specialists in Dutch language and literature. I designed this site in 1997; the design never changed. I also write a (more or less) monthly column for this newsletter.

Onze Taal op internet

This site is aimed at a general audience and deals with all aspects of (the Dutch) language. It contains i.a. daily news, language advice, articles from the popular journal Onze Taal, etc.

Meertens Instituut

I designed this site in 199 and redesigned it in 2001. I am also the chairman of the 'website committee', responsible for the contents of the site. The Meertens Institute is my chief employer; it is a research institute on Dutch language and culture. The site contains many databases.

This site contains scholarly articles on Dutch language and literature, which have been peer-reviewed. I am one of the founders and one of the editors of this site.


Taalpost is an e-mail newsletter on language in general and the Dutch language in particular. It is published by the association Onze Taal (see above) and Van Dale, the largest publisher of Dutch dictionaries. I am one of its editors, together with the Belgian journalist Ludo Permentier. This site contains the archives of the newsletter.

Een school in Togo

Een school in Togo is a Dutch foundation which supports a small-scale primary and secondary school in Togo. This small website informs donors and potential donors about the history of the project, as well as about recent events.

Laurens Jz. Coster

This was the first 'real' website I ever built (in 1995); it also was the first collection of classical literary texts in Dutch on the Internet. (According to a Dutch legend, Laurens Jz. Coster was the real inventor of printinv, and Gutenberg merely stole the idea from him.) Currently, there are much better collections of literature available; therefore I no longer work on this website.